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Everyone has a story. The story of Joseph Oubelkas (1980) is one of dealing with setbacks and change. About freedom of choice and determination. At the age of 24, Joseph is wrongly convicted of drug trafficking. He receives a 10-year sentence and, as an innocent man, finds himself in a Moroccan jail.

An independent investigation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reveals that there is no evidence whatsoever. Despite his wrongful incarceration and the harsh prison life, Joseph decides to make the most of it. He rationalises, appreciates the little things, cherishes what he has and converts his sadness, anger and frustration into positive energy. After 1,637 days in prison, he is released: stronger, more positive and more resilient than ever.

Joseph's story is as bizarre as it is inspirational. In the meantime, his life-changing experience has touched, moved, motivated and helped tens of thousands of people in their own lives. Attending a reading or reading his book(s) gets you thinking, makes you more aware and gives you a huge energy boost!

There are many things that you can't influence, but you can always choose your own attitude. With determination and the proper focus, you can achieve your goals.

Best-selling author

The bestseller 400 letters from my mother is Joseph Oubelkas' impressive debut about wrongful imprisonment, determination, friendship and a mother's unconditional support and love for her child. In The sequel Health Love Liberty Joseph describes his disbelief and euphoria about his freedom and liberty. How he struggles with memories of the past, the normal life of today and the distrustful world. And how he once again finds love and happiness, experiences success and regains his place in the free world.


Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Swim Star | European, world and Olympic champion

"The world of elite sport also knows you and your story. Many leading athletes can learn from it. I read '400 letters from my mother' during the World Swimming Championships, in between races. It was incredibly motivating and gave me a huge boost! Your beautiful words (and those of your mother, of course) help me to put things into perspective and accept them. So, thank you very much!"


John Erkel

Cultural Anthropologist | Former employee MSF | Speaker

"I could write a lot more, but I think that hats off to you says it all in terms of the writing, your determination, influencing your environment, maintaining hope and supporting people. Pure class, man!"

Najib Amhali over Joseph Oubelkas

Najib Amhali

Comedian | Actor | Speaker

"I've just finished the book '400 letters from my mother'. I have a new hero and his name is Joseph Oubelkas. Najib says: read this book!"

Najib Amhali over Joseph Oubelkas
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Source of inspiration and motivation

Behind bars, Joseph must learn to deal with the injustice of his imprisonment and the harshness of prison life. He learns important life lessons every day. During his readings, Joseph likes to share his mental strength and sharper vision of life with his audience. With positivity, unbridled energy, depth and humour, he motivates the audience to decide for themselves how to deal with what comes their way. So they can move forward wiser, more conscious and full of inspiration.