Speaker with an inspirational story

At the end of 2004, the then 24-year-old Joseph Oubelkas became involved in a bizarre event for no reason whatsoever. During a business trip to Morocco, he is arrested for drug trafficking and sentenced to 10 years in prison with no proof or investigation. After 4.5 years of imprisonment as an innocent man, he is released. He decides to use his story to help others.

Joseph takes you on a journey through the hard life in filthy, overcrowded Moroccan prisons. How does he deal with his sorrow, anger and frustration? How does he keep going in such appalling circumstances? Where does he find the motivation to make the most of it? The lessons he learned back then are now enriching his life. Joseph would like to share the richness of his life with everyone.

Audience reactions to public readings

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Peter Moors

Inspiring themed evening with our colleagues from @teamfocusNL #gottadoityourself with an incisive Joseph Oubelkas. Thank you!

Marco Winters

What a special evening and what an extraordinary story. I was deeply moved. Thank you, Joseph Oubelkas, from the bottom of my heart.

Joëlle Souren

Thank you, Joseph Oubelkas, for your inspirational gathering at Maaspoort in Venlo. I'd already read your two books. I was delighted to finally hear you speak in person!

Theo Waars

Great that I was able to come along. Joseph Oubelkas, an inspirational powerhouse who keeps everyone's attention.

Peter Kops

Lovely reading by Joseph Oubelkas this evening. Incredible story. Out of the #roleofthevictim #youhaveachoice #attitude

Kyra Doek

A speaker who touches me deeply and reflects my own views. Thank you, Joseph Oubelkas, for an enjoyable and inspiring evening.

Ingrid Greitemann

What a wonderfully moving and humorous evening! If your books arouse as much emotion as your speaking, I'll keep the tissues at hand.

Lotti Verhoeven

Incredibly moved by the story of Joseph Oubelkas at the @ZOTevent. If you ever get the chance to hear Joseph speak, do it! #freedom #love

Annemarie Verbunt

'From hardship to leadership', thank you very much, Joseph Oubelkas, for your story, your commitment and your faith in me and the foundation. You are a hero!